[Namonashi] Ken yori Tsuyoshi Ch.8

It’s been a while since we shared last chapter of the Sword book, so here it is. Enjoy your yuri-ish love of two occultists (you can guess what’s imminent).
Chapter courtesy of Zathael.
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We predict this book to be completed next month.
I’ll be trying to release first chapter of Maid Graffiti sometime during next 2 weeks.
Next release will not be Metro Ecstasy.
I’ll need to put everything in order on my end, to see how I can plan out future releases (it’s a big mess now). In the meantime, we’re working to get Bar Peachpit, Namonashi and TAKE out of the way, along with any oneshots and doujins that are in the line.


[Hirohisa Onikubo] Trick-Ster Ch.2

Another chapter from foolery book. Hoshina tells Satsuki what she’s been through and she tries to make it up to her… in her own way. Buckle up for some serious business.
Chapter courtesy of DrtyBird.
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PS: notice that there’s new project opened starting today – Metro Ecstasy.

[Urotan] Newmanoid CAM Ch.15

Great observation point xD

Admit it – you envy that guy in the back.
We’re back with Leotard Cyborg Policewomen for you. We’re hitting off from where chapter 13 stopped – CAM is held captive and Sharam sees her while running wild in the city. Now, what will happen? Will Sharam save CAM and NAM? Or will she use them as masturbation material? Find out in this chapter. Also, we’re three chapters before the grand finale.
Chapter courtesy of Omega999.
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And bulk with previous chapters:
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[G-Power] A Certain Scientific Tentacle Game


Saten’s surprise attack.

Kuroko’s up to no good.
First out of few releases for today from Raikoh, haha. A yuri doujin on Toaru. First up – Uiharu participates in tests of some innovative Augmented Reality device and test doesn’t go as well as planned (or maybe even better than we expected?). Second is Misaka joining a Certain Yuri Clan of the Kongo-ojou and damn, weird shit is happening ;D And last, but not least – Kuroko indulges herself in masturbation with Misaka’s desk xD I hope you’ll love it.
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[Aneko no Techo] Ika Musumeshi

Ika-chan is not amused.
Here we go with a doujin that I should’ve released earlier (been working on it around Easter actually). Enjoy your random yuri actions.
Also, no loli tag, cause Ika doesn’t look too loli-ish here imho.
Doujin brought to you by Azure Xuchilbara.
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Due to too many random groups working on doujins as they come out, we decided to squeeze in any of the doujins commissioned next to be released asap (for two latest comikets) or, as it was in this case – commissioner is going to receive his own copy earlier, so  queue may be a little messed up in the future.

[T.cop] Candy Lucky

Makes you wanna join them~

I looooove Kana-chan <3~
Damn, there’s just too much parts of this one I wanted to put up as preview – it was hard to decide on those two (hell, I wanted to put here most of p5 and p6).
As I promised, here’s second Candy Boy doujin from me. I wanted to release it much earlier, but you know that I’m a busy man and there was a lot of  projects waiting for their turn for a long time. Either way, unlike the previous one, there’s no surprise with a dick waiting for Kana-chan (though Yuki-chan does have something up her sleeve for that). I hope you’ll like that.
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[Yukino Yukikaze] Under Nine Ch.3


Where is he putting his hands!? How dare he touch my lolis!?
Miku wants Kanako to break up with her brother and… unexpected occurs! I’m not telling anything more, if you want to know, read it 😉 Seems like Kanako knows what’s going on pretty well…. And we get to know how did she end up like that.
Chapter brought to you by Ninjanium.
This book is already translated, you can grab corrected version from Finished Projects section.

[T.cop] Candy Heart

D-AWWWW~ I can’t tell who’s looking cuter here…

I love Kana so much~
So yeah, there’s promised surprise release before my leave. I hope you’re gonna like this Candy Boy doujin as much as I did. It’s a romance sort-of yuri incest story with some surprise twist. I certainly recommend you watch anime as well, I was really sad about it being short set of ONA with durability ~7-10min each ;__;
Kana is the best ffs!
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PS: Yes, I’m planning to take care of the other Candy Boy dj from the same artist one of these days….
Well then, now I’m off for some last minute anime and preparations and I’m going to the airport~ I’m taking my laptop and everything, so I will probably do some working, though much less than usually.

[Fumihiro] The Witch in a Forest

Both of them are awesome! Which one do you want to win? 😉
So, here you are another surprise release for the day – it’s a commission I did a while back and that Raikoh just published for free. Enjoy your tentacle~
As always, you can get them from here, or dj-moe.
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PS: I guess you could call it yuri 😉