[Itou Ei] Anata wo Sutte mo iidesuka? Ch.8


Such a heartwarming scene, right?

Yuuki is fucked… or maybe not?
It’s been a while since we saw some vampires, so here it is. This is actually the conclusion of the arc (and you can’t deny that it’s fucking awesome), but there’s one more chapter, involving her majesty. Well then, prepare for some serious smexing and lulz!!
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Accept a vampire under your roof as well.
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[Itou Ei] Anata wo Sutte mo Iidesuka? Ch.4

A stalemate?

Honestly, which one would you chose? It’s definitely too hard for me 😀
Another vampires chapter for you guys!! We have all the vampires gathered in one place, but there’s only one victim to pry on… What’s gonna happen? You can read it in this chapter, so brace yourselves and dldldld 😀 And let your poor hearts cure after yesterday’s releases 😛
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