[Saida Kazuaki] Koujo Ryoujoku AHAN Ch.8-9


My favorite kind of teachers – wearing glasses and pantyhose dominant females~

While first chapter is as above, the second one is about a nursery teacher getting busted for sexually abusing her pupils. And we both know there’s only one way to punish her, right?

Courtesy of Zathael.

[OTA OFFICE] Mawakichi!

A doujin about Subaru getting gangbanged in the bathroom. Turns out that she’s been spotted by someone else in the past the same way Jiro spotted her in anime and it didn’t go that well for her. But Kanade had her plan ready for such occasion too.
Doujin commissioned by GjustG.
Scan commissioned from Kalevala.
This is how you commission something yourself.
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[Rakko] Muri Kuri Ch.2

And we’re on the actual project by Rakko – this is the very first chapter with Chinami-chan, a REALLY airheaded teacher with REALLY bad sight. Level of absurd in this work is OVER9000!!111 There is also high level of comedy in this title ^^
Anyways, please enjoy your sexy teacher in REALLY revealing swimsuit. As a good news I can tell you that in PT+ (Pura-Tina Plus book), Rakko draws nicer, not-so-overboard breasts as well.
Chapter courtesy Omega999.
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Since this is not related to the earlier released chapter, no bulk this time. We’re gonna do one more chapter from this book – second part of Chinami-chan’s arc as well.

[Ash Yokoshima] 3 Angels Short: Full Passion Ch.2.5

I bet you’d like this kind of guidance!!

Another rather random episode – Another Story from Angels. Contains a lot of Kaede and gangbang and many more. Kaede is certainly under the cart in this volume.
Chapter courtesy of GjustG.
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