[Yukino Yukikaze] Under Nine Ch.8


On the envelope: *Party Van is on it’s way to your place*
Here’s the epilogue of the previous chapter about lolicon that bought his friend’s daughter. The warning from previous chapter is still in order. I also prepared you guys a bulk of previous one to go with this chapter.
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[Gomennasai] Omase de Gomen! Ch.2 (and others)


Classic Gomen’s humor with cute loli. These chapters may be more for lolz than your usual eromangas.
These are chapters: 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10. Don’t get fooled by filename – just putting all these numbers was not worth. I also counted it as one release. Let me know if you prefer it to be grouped in one place or kept in original order in whole tank?
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Afro Thunda Edit: For those late to the party, follow this link for the complete and polished up book: Omase de Gomen Complete

[Kouzuki Rio] Alice no Himegoto Ch.1-3


So, here is my Christmas present for you guys – final chapter of Alice Arc with previous ones with a little touch-ups.
In this chapter Alice comes to the court and who does she meet? Yes! Bad Loli sadistic tsundere queen !!111 What will happen to our little Alice!? What will happen to the Rabbit!? Will Alice be able to return to home!? Read, weep, fap and find out in this special Christmas release!!
I’d like to wish you all fapable merry Christmas and more awesome manga to fap to read in next year!
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[Yukino Yukikaze] Under Nine Ch.7


Say ‘hi’ to lolicon-ojichan 😉
Uhm, does that even need captions?!
If you lend money, you can end up in a situation like that – I dare to say that it’s a dream situation for lolicons 😉 Also, it turns out that it’s good to have a cosplay clothes in the drawer in case of a situations like that…
Before you hog the rar, a word of warning: This chapter contains some pretty intensive loli rape so you’re downloading it on your own risk – I wouldn’t like to see a flame war about hating rape manga. (but I wait for any non-flaming comments!)
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[Ohtomo Takuji] Drinking Virgin Ch.7

Dun, dun, DUN!
Poor busty girl, what will happen with her?
Do you like your busty megane schoolgirl in her tracksuit? I bet you do!! This is the second and last part of busty megane Arc.
I’d like to take that opportunity and remind you about comments – moar!! 😉

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Here’s whole book translated.

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Also – I recommend Pixy’s hentai anime (especially Taimanin Asagi, Dark Love and Kangoku Senkan … pretty fscking awesome !!111 – afaik the last one has no subs yet)