[Miyabi Tsuzuru] Haha no Naku Ie Ch.9

Delicious milf yet again (I promise that it’s the last milf at least for next 7 chapters from this book)
A oneshot story from Miyabi’s book about a milf with some little restaurant that’s pretty run down and with some problems. But no fret, there are good-willed people that will help it stay in business.
Chapter courtesy of Grey Fox.

[Nanana Nana] Fundamental Eleven Ch.11 [END]


Final chapter from Fundamental. This time we’re going to Onsen and we’re going to take a dip into… uhm, I was thingking about hot spring, honestly ;D
Chapter brought to you by Zathael.

And we’re done with this book!! Enjoy your another full release! I went back and noticed that gradients for some chapters were off, so I corrected them. And of course, whole book was revised by Afro Thunda and Zetsu (my new acting proofreader). Well then, enjoy your lolis.
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[Nanana Nana] Fundamental Eleven Ch.2


I bet he’s not the only one to love Shi-chan.
So, here’s another chapter from Fundamental Eleven for you — with some unexpected turns of action and… hmm, that’s a surprise 😛
I believe tag shota is right here, isn’t it?
Chapter courtesy of Fatjoe.
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