[Atsuya Kougyou] Shinjin Teitoku Tokubetsu Shori Tantoukan Kyoudou Gakari Kashima-san


Do you like when story starts without any special prelude and we’re fast-forwarding to sex? Well, this one’s pretty much like that. Kashima and her shota Admiral are tasked with recording a video to instruct other shipgirls how to have sex with their admirals… Our instructor is obviously Kashima, gently taking the lead and showing ropes to her Admiral, as well as fellow shipgirls (via screen). Nothing extreme, just a one-over on all possibilities, from a handjob, through a titjob to sex, all just dripping with love and affection. Still, that kind of miniskirt should be illegal…

Courtesy of anon.

[Brother Pierrot] Bukatsu Shoujo Paradise ~ Asekkaki no Tenshi-tachi ~ Ch.1

Now this is a way to start the story, if you ask me. If you’re not familiar with the artist, you can expect some mature, toned bodies and quite an emphasis on legs, obviously. I hope you will enjoy it, since this is a new project! And it goes without saying, but if you do, consider supporting it~

Also, artist does quite a lot of spread images… I haven’t joined any of them yet, just eyeballed them for now… hopefully I’ll be able to join them properly at later date.

Courtesy of Job Truniht.

[Momoiro Manjiru] Manjiru Torotoro Ch.11 [END]

Let’s get this off my wall of shame, shall we? The final chapter of the book – a dumb girl goes to great lengths to make a guy who found her schlicking keep it a secret (duh, with that title… 😛 )

Courtesy of Zathael.

With this the book is done, thanks to everyone involved – donors Job Truniht, Zathael, Zebon20 and proofreaders – AfroThunda (yep, that’s just how old this project is), Axalon, blohx3, PureEnergy and Megaton for doing last read – yep, that many people were involved. I’m really sorry especially to Zathael. And sorry to anyone who waited for it to finish, too.

And special thanks to Job Truniht for kicking my ass into getting it released faster every time he came with new commissions.

[Alice no Takarabako] Mitsubachi no Yakata Nigou-kan Seventh Heaven-ten

Now this is quite a nice scene to start a book, don’t you think? So, we’re having quite a long book on FF, with all the girls plus as a bonus Cloud turned into a girl, because why not. I hope you will enjoy it. There’s lots of sex and Mizuryuu’s typical fullbody pantyhose-like costumes.

Courtesy of anonymous.

[Ririo Gatto] Sokuhame Dekichau JK Miya-chan no Ichinichi

You have 5 seconds to decide what you do 😉 Anyways, it’s a book about quite an eventful day from a cheerful girl calling herself Miya’s life. We join her for a night, way to school (not) and back home to her uncle who’s clearly a piece of shit pachinko addict. I hope you will enjoy it.

Courtesy of anonymous.