[Kanyapie] Lotion! Tokkou! Osanaduma!


A story from Comic Megastore 2009/10
English title “Lotion! Special Attack! Young Bride!”

Enter of the dragon loli! I’d like to see this scene live 😉

Read the pillow, read the fucking pillow!!1
Here’s a oneshot from Comic Megastore… it was dwelling on my desktop for months now, so I decided that I could finally translate it to make Len happy 😉
Enjoy your awesomely cute loli wife. God is she clever ^^
Get your own short loli!!

[Nanana Nana] Fundamental Eleven Ch.2


I bet he’s not the only one to love Shi-chan.
So, here’s another chapter from Fundamental Eleven for you — with some unexpected turns of action and… hmm, that’s a surprise 😛
I believe tag shota is right here, isn’t it?
Chapter courtesy of Fatjoe.
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[Asami Sekiya] Girls Shower Ch.6


Loli in a tiara… cause every girl likes blinking stuff!

This preview pic is deadly cute! Her cuteness level is over 9000!!
So, here’s second part of the trilogy about Kana. The Junpei guy is pretty perverted – I could sympathize with him 😉
Chapter brought to you by Fatjoe.
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[Ash Yokoshima] 3 Angels Short Ch.7.5

Whee ball grabbing in the morning xD

This POV is awesome … I want to wake up on a girl like Suu-chan’s lap someday.
This is an Another Story chapter – I named it 7.5 for number consistency – it takes place between chapters 7 and 8 so I guess the naming is alright. Don’t expect it to be connected to the actual story – at least not most of it, seriously.
Also, it means that there are only two last chapters before the end of the first book.
Chapter brought to you by Omega999.
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[Ohtomo Takuji] Drinking Virgin Ch.8

Gamer girl spotted!!
Another one of the random stories from Drinking Virgin for you. Enjoy your gamer beauty Ohtomo-style… damn, anything I want to write here would be a spoiler >_<
Chapter sponsored by Raikoh.
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Here’s whole book translated.

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aka. Gokkun Shojo

[Takatu] Sore wa Rekishi ni Kakanaide! Ch.2 + Ch.2.3

So yeah, in this chapter shows up new woman in Kouichi’s life… Really sexy dark skinned woman… Damn, I should’ve became a historian!
Pack contains second chapter and a little bonus called 2.3.
Chapters courtesy of Zathael and LetMeBe.
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[Wicked Heart] Rust Judgement


And another piece I made released by dj-moe today. Looks like a valentines day gift 😀
Doujin on Toaru Kagaku no Railgun containing Kuroko and Uiharu being raped.
Anyways, I hope you’ll enjoy them both and you can thank Raikoh for releasing them for free!
As always to grab from here or doujin-moe.
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[Crazy9] Kanojo no Sentaku – Senou Natsuru no Baai –

Or in English: Her Choice – the Case of Senou Natsuru –
is another doujin published by doujin-moe for free.

There weren’t much images that I could use as preview, seriously.
This is a doujin of anime Kampfer. Those, who watched it, should know that Natsuru is in reality a man (that by some magic-like force is being changed into a girl), so it’s almost like a trap – my mind was going haywire during translating this one. I’m really happy to be able to share it with you as well, since it’s pretty awesome piece.
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PS: is oral and regular sex done simultaneously considered as double penetration?
PPS: This one has a little different style than anything I did till now – I hope it’s enjoyable.

[Gomennasai] Omase de Gomen! Ch.7


Panty theft in action! Quick, before she catches you!!

I guess you’re all familiar with Gomen’s style and comedy already, so I don’t think that it needs advertising.
PS: Those socks for some twisted reason really work on my imagination >_<
Sana is typical airhead loli with pervy elder brother, so you can expect some incest in this chapter — along with some really hot scenes. Somehow I always enjoy translating Gomen’s works, with all the humor and those hot lolis…
Chapter brought to you by Fatjoe.
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