[Gomennasai] Omase de Gomen! Ch.14 [END]


And here’s the final chapter from the arc and the book for you guys. After all, she resolved to underhanded technique… But she did try to do it normally xD
Chapter brought to you by Fatjoe.

So, this book is finally done. I enjoyed doing this one and I hope you’re going to enjoy reading it 😉
I did some little changes, especially for first chapter, where I started calling the robots “Imouto Lolibot”, since it’s explained in that chapter and for consistency with “Imouto Lolibot DX” chapter. I also went ahead and translated Afterword and short story about Imouto Lolibots at the end.
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[Ash Yokoshima] 3 Angels Short: Full Passion Ch.3

This moment is so hot, you better watch out while riding a train 😉
A chapter Full of Passion this time – Snowbow takes Takami out and they’re really enjoying themselves… and Kaede shows up…
Chapter courtesy of GjustG.
In the meantime, before third volume comes out, we have other goddesses for you!
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[Kuro] Fornacalia


A story from Comic LO 5 about naked demon loli, what more do you need to know about it?
A surprisingly warm chapter to be honest, I really loved her final expression, kinda warm and leaves you with the feeling that you want to see her again.
Oneshot brought to you by Fatjoe.
Rescue your own demon loli from her prison.
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[Gomennasai] Omase de Gomen! Ch.13


Continuation of the previous chapter – our I’m-not-a-lolicon onii-chan pays his price…
Enjoy the second part of this arc from Gomen. No bulk, cause there’s only one more chapter to go 😛
Chapter courtesy of Fatjoe.
Become a servant for a loli yourself.
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Afro Thunda Edit: For those late to the party, follow this link to for the complete and polished up book: Omase de Gomen Complete

[Takatu] Sore wa Rekishi ni Kakanaide! Ch.7


A story of what happened before last chapter and why was Kouichi chosen to become next pharaoh. Of course full of shotas and delicious large breasted big mommas~
Chapter brought to you by Raikoh.
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[Ookamiuo] Loli Gabuu Ch.3


I like this girl with a mole~ And that one on the left’s nice as well 😀

D-aw, she’s so hot…
Chapter from Gabuu for you, this time with neko cosplay. Have fun.
Chapter brought by Smokemoon.
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[Crazy9] Uchuu kara Ochita Shoujo

A doujin on Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo I did a while back for Raikoh called “The Girl that Fell from Space”. One more doujin from Crazy9 for you 😀 Also, this one’s pretty hot 😉 Well then, without further ado, enjoy your Sora Kake Girl!!
As always, you can get it from here, or from dj-moe’s site.
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[Ash Yokoshima] 3 Angels Short: Full Passion Ch.2.5

I bet you’d like this kind of guidance!!

Another rather random episode – Another Story from Angels. Contains a lot of Kaede and gangbang and many more. Kaede is certainly under the cart in this volume.
Chapter courtesy of GjustG.
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[Nanana Nana] Fundamental Eleven Ch.9 + 10


Of course you can!!1
Another release from Fundamental for you, this time with a little more shocking ending than usual. With this, there’s only one more chapter to go~
Chapters sponsored by Fatjoe and Zathael 😉
Wait, that’s not all yet – we still have some lolis for you!!
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