[Yukino Yukikaze] Under Nine Ch.7


Say ‘hi’ to lolicon-ojichan 😉
Uhm, does that even need captions?!
If you lend money, you can end up in a situation like that – I dare to say that it’s a dream situation for lolicons 😉 Also, it turns out that it’s good to have a cosplay clothes in the drawer in case of a situations like that…
Before you hog the rar, a word of warning: This chapter contains some pretty intensive loli rape so you’re downloading it on your own risk – I wouldn’t like to see a flame war about hating rape manga. (but I wait for any non-flaming comments!)
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[Ash Yokoshima] 3 Angels Short Ch.5

Hey, at least he’s honest with that !!
Cause fifth chapter is about time to introduce new girl. Hai thar busty girl :3
Oh god, I’m jealous of Cherry now ^__^ Hey, remember that girls Miyamoto was scared of at the end of last chapter? Guess what – he had a reason 😀

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