[M] Kinbakujou no AYAME

It’s been a while since Kabaneri aired, but here we have Ayame doujin! So, what if some influential noble along the way of her Iron Fortress to the conference turned out to be abusive pervert? Maybe something like this.


Also, a bonus for this one will appear on my twitter …

Courtesy of anonymous.

[Quzilax] One Piece


The legend is back. Or at least back on my list, since this piece I think is like 4 years old. If you know the artist, you know what to expect. This story actually feels like twin-sister of the Loli Tomodachi. I hope you will enjoy it. Also, I dunno if the accounts were created before, or after this book came out, but those twitter names are mostly existing ones. Oh yeah, one more thing – don’t miss the artist’s extra at the end!

Courtesy of anonymous.