[Ash Yokoshima] 3 Angels Short: Full Passion Ch.7

Do you still remember how Suu-chan looked in long hair?
This time we’ll see Suu’s confrontation with Casablanca, there will be a lot of fighting and whatnot and uhm… the rest you have to see for yourself.
Also, one more chapter left till the end of the book.
Chapter courtesy or GjustG.
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Gakuen Saimin Reido EP.1

Hello again, we’re back with hentai for you — BIRI-EROBEAT strikes back to deliver HD hentais for your pleasure 😀 This time it’s a hypnosis in school series full of hard sex. It was relevant to my interests 😉 The script has been done long time ago, but there was a lack of BD rips for this show (at least in fair quality), so it’s been put back till now. Either way, have fun and remember to thank Erobeat as well.

Don’t let yourself get fooled by her nice smile, Nagisa-chan is a bully.

Yuna-chan is such a sweety~
It’s a story about guy that laid his hands on a hypnotic telephone and decides to get revenge on some people at school. Of course there are some other casualties as well…
As Chaosrains said, everyone in possession of hypno-phone would end up like that.
Consider yourself warned – it has mind breaking and rape.

[Nanana Nana] Fundamental Eleven Ch.11 [END]


Final chapter from Fundamental. This time we’re going to Onsen and we’re going to take a dip into… uhm, I was thingking about hot spring, honestly ;D
Chapter brought to you by Zathael.

And we’re done with this book!! Enjoy your another full release! I went back and noticed that gradients for some chapters were off, so I corrected them. And of course, whole book was revised by Afro Thunda and Zetsu (my new acting proofreader). Well then, enjoy your lolis.
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[Egao ga Ichiban] Haru Hime Kankan


Meganekko farmgirl~
A little break from usual works:
Another story from Egao, “Spring Princess Violation” – I snatched it from under the noses of LWB’s staff 😛 Also, it’s confirmed, that this circle’s going to release two more pieces, Natsuhime and Akihime~ I’m probably going to make them as well, for the sake of completeness.
Contains Extreme Violence, Blood and other bodily fluids! If you can’t stand it,  just walk away.
If you understood, links are under the spoiler 😛

[Fumihiro] The Witch in a Forest

Both of them are awesome! Which one do you want to win? 😉
So, here you are another surprise release for the day – it’s a commission I did a while back and that Raikoh just published for free. Enjoy your tentacle~
As always, you can get them from here, or dj-moe.
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PS: I guess you could call it yuri 😉

[Wicked Heart] Rust Judgement


And another piece I made released by dj-moe today. Looks like a valentines day gift 😀
Doujin on Toaru Kagaku no Railgun containing Kuroko and Uiharu being raped.
Anyways, I hope you’ll enjoy them both and you can thank Raikoh for releasing them for free!
As always to grab from here or doujin-moe.
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[Crazy9] Kanojo no Sentaku – Senou Natsuru no Baai –

Or in English: Her Choice – the Case of Senou Natsuru –
is another doujin published by doujin-moe for free.

There weren’t much images that I could use as preview, seriously.
This is a doujin of anime Kampfer. Those, who watched it, should know that Natsuru is in reality a man (that by some magic-like force is being changed into a girl), so it’s almost like a trap – my mind was going haywire during translating this one. I’m really happy to be able to share it with you as well, since it’s pretty awesome piece.
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PS: is oral and regular sex done simultaneously considered as double penetration?
PPS: This one has a little different style than anything I did till now – I hope it’s enjoyable.

[Yukino Yukikaze] Under Nine Ch.8


On the envelope: *Party Van is on it’s way to your place*
Here’s the epilogue of the previous chapter about lolicon that bought his friend’s daughter. The warning from previous chapter is still in order. I also prepared you guys a bulk of previous one to go with this chapter.
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