[Kaientai] Medapani Quest Alena Hen

Last commission we did for Flash.Killer. As with previous Kaientai’s book – Afro Thunda did typesetting and some cleaning. Story is about Alena trying to save Kiryl, but she chooses wrong team for her quest. It has some references to DQ (like spells – damn, finding that was pain in the ass), I used USA version of names where possible. You can expect some breaking Kaientai-style.
Well, without further delay – Enjoy.

[Kaientai] Confu Fantasy Lightning Hen

Go forth, Lightning-chan!!
We’re bringing you a doujin of Final Fantasy XIII that I did for Flash.Killer guy a while ago. Girl named Lightning is being put under some mind alteration program and becomes a slut, thinking that’ll save her sister. Pretty wordy one. Also – Afro was nice enough to help me with cleaning it and did most of the typesetting, thanks ^^
BS / RG 

[Aoi Hitori] Hito no Tsuma Ch.4-5

She’s one hell of a MILF.
And second special release for you. This time something for those who don’t like violent Egao and/or lolis – two chapters from Aoi Hitori’s book about NTRing a wife. Thanks to our friend Oliver, they’re uncensored as well!! Be warned, it contains prego in the second part and it doesn’t have a bright end 😉 Very fappable nevertheless.


But if you like it the classic way, with bars, here’s original version:
BS / RG / FF
I hope you enjoyed this unexpected share and remember to have a drink for me too 😉

[TAKE] Brave Maiden Kanin Sange Ch.1

Why is that female characters in RPG are always so lightly dressed? 😉
Another from new projects that I’m releasing today. A rather dark story, full of demons and tentacles (you’ve been warned). A group of adventurers penetrate magical dungeons and turns out that demons are not really just brainless NPC, if you know what I mean.
Chapter brought to you by GjustG.
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PS: Tomorrow’s release can be a little late, dunno when I’ll be back home.

[Yomotu Hirasaka] Dagatsu Inumi 3

A doujin on Sekirei I did for Raikoh a while back. Tsukiumi found herself new ashikabi and they developed a plot to steal Musibi from Minato and they fuck her brains out. It has a little bit of futa and pregnant at the end. I hope you’re gonna love it – the art and ahegaos are really great. Also, it has pretty funny and dirty language ^^
US / UP / DF / dj-moe