[Slime no Kanmuri] Ranbou Yuusha ga Bouken-sha Gild no Uketsuke jou ni Natte Shiawase ni Naru Hanashi

So, we have yet another catharsis story from the circle. This time it’s just one-parter, so both the punishment and conclusion happen right away. Our MC is a piece of shit hero who’s forced to work in the adventurers guild. I hope you’ll enjoy.

Courtesy of espeon from gender.tf.

[TSF no F] Yakyuubu no Moto Ace ♂ wa Sei Shori Pet ♀


Well, let me just say this isn’t how it looks like. We have a story about a baseball player who magically gets turned into a girl through… hypnosis… I heard that’s normal trope from the author, so let’s not dwell on it. In any case, it’s unusually long one, with quite a few full color pages, so I hope you will enjoy it.

Courtesy of espeon from gender.tf.

[Emua] Sekigahara Shouji Hitodumabu Ch.9-9.5 + Booklet(?) [END]

Office wars are coming to an end, will the wives win? These are last 2 chapters and what I think is a booklet or some extra.

This concludes the book, so I hope you enjoyed it. It’s really rarely I work on something so heavy in plot (and a fuckton of names D; ). Thanks to PureEnergy and Axalon for lending me their proofreading skills, and to anonymous for commissioning this book!!