[Alice no Takarabako] Mitsubachi no Yakata Nigou-kan Seventh Heaven-ten

Now this is quite a nice scene to start a book, don’t you think? So, we’re having quite a long book on FF, with all the girls plus as a bonus Cloud turned into a girl, because why not. I hope you will enjoy it. There’s lots of sex and Mizuryuu’s typical fullbody pantyhose-like costumes.

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[Kai Hiroyuki] Delizuma Ch.1

She could give me a hand, if you catch my drift…. In any case, let’s hope we’ll do more of this series, since next chapters have less censoring. The arc revolves around one lucky bastard guy and cock-hungry housewives from a complex building.

If you’re interested in supporting this series in being finalized, send me a mail for quotes!

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[SSB] SNS de Gokujou H-cup Nagachichi o Kakusan Suru Geneki Joshidaisei Cosplayer

Those boobs are hypnotizing. So, we have a girl who’s cosplaying and stuff between her and her boyfriend were sour for a while. And naturally, the guy who’s helping her out with her cosplay activities didn’t let his chance slip. I hope you will enjoy it. I wonder if those fantasies about cosplayers are common 😉

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