[Murian] Onii-chan to Nyan Nyan Nyan Ch.3


Can’t decide if cute or scar-HNNNNGH
Afro Edit: Dem poor dolls! Also, they live?

And here’s a finishing blow, even if you weren’t moved by previous preview, this one is sure to make you hit download button :3
Another share with adorable lolis by Murian. This artist draws really original stories and incredibly cute girls. Like I said on IRC some time ago, if he drawn regular manga, there would be epidemic of deaths caused by loss of blood or diabetes. Without further delay – Enjoy!
Chapter courtesy of  T. Starrk.
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[Nekogen] Nora Sis Ch.1-2


Now that’s a hell of a bite.

Are you strong enough to say “No” to her? I know I’m not.
Tonight’s share is a nun chapter. We were going to share new books every second day, finish that with a cute oneshot and last update of brave bitches, but for certain reasons I decided to switch the order a little. I hope you’ll enjoy this one as much as I did.
Chapter courtesy of T.Starrk.
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[Namonashi] Ken yori Tsuyoshi Ch.5

You heard the lady.

Does it look familiar? 😛
We have another chapter from Swordplaying book for you. This time, a oneshot with a hot nun for your pleasures… I think I should repent and go to church, if you know what I mean 😉
Chapter courtesy of anonymous.
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