[Aoi Hitori] Hito no Tsuma Ch.4-5

She’s one hell of a MILF.
And second special release for you. This time something for those who don’t like violent Egao and/or lolis – two chapters from Aoi Hitori’s book about NTRing a wife. Thanks to our friend Oliver, they’re uncensored as well!! Be warned, it contains prego in the second part and it doesn’t have a bright end 😉 Very fappable nevertheless.


But if you like it the classic way, with bars, here’s original version:
BS / RG / FF
I hope you enjoyed this unexpected share and remember to have a drink for me too 😉

[Yomotu Hirasaka] Dagatsu Inumi 2

The sad part is she’s prolly right 😛
Second and only missing part of the doujins about cumdumpstering Tsukiumi to date. Less rant, more anal and imho, less confusing plot. I know Afro liked this series for epic anal actions (you did, didn’t you? :P), so let’s all enjoy it.
I think that this series at least look exceptionally hot, with all the ahegaos, but I bet haters gonna hate (I couldn’t help myself here). Either way, you can now read whole trilogy and complain about how much you hate it – that doesn’t change the fact that we released it and that seems like it’s popular (I know that some people mailed Raikoh to get it all done) 😛
As the previous two, made for dj-moe and as always, you can get it here or from them.
US / FSo / DF / dj-moe

[Yomotu Hirasaka] Dagatsu Inumi 3

A doujin on Sekirei I did for Raikoh a while back. Tsukiumi found herself new ashikabi and they developed a plot to steal Musibi from Minato and they fuck her brains out. It has a little bit of futa and pregnant at the end. I hope you’re gonna love it – the art and ahegaos are really great. Also, it has pretty funny and dirty language ^^
US / UP / DF / dj-moe

[Crazy9] Shouko to Yuuji to NTR

She’s as scary as usual 😀
So, here’s another commission from dj-moe. This time doujin on Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu.
Shouko is being yandere and she ties Yuuji, but she overdid it and she can’t get him to ‘stand’ xD
Uhh, I like Shouko in Crazy9 style ^__^
You probably already know it, but it’s a NTR.