[Studio ParM] Tadashii Petto no Tsukurikata (Volume One)

I really like what I see here.

Isn’t Popula-chan the cutest thing? 😉
A doujin on Working!! I did for dj-moe a while ago. When I first saw raws, I though “Oh, I guess Raikoh’s gonna commission this one next” and BAM! He sent me a mail with this a week later 😉 Anyways, enjoy your hard smexing in Wagnaria. Also, this is a mind-break so yeah, it’s just epic ;D Damn, I want to have stamina like Takanashi. I guess it’s somewhat rape-y but she’s not resisting enough for that in my eyes.
Oh yeah, English title: “The Proper Way to Raise a Pet”
BS / FFDF / dj-moe
PS: You can expect something from regular queue in a few hours.

[Yomotu Hirasaka] Dagatsu Inumi 3

A doujin on Sekirei I did for Raikoh a while back. Tsukiumi found herself new ashikabi and they developed a plot to steal Musibi from Minato and they fuck her brains out. It has a little bit of futa and pregnant at the end. I hope you’re gonna love it – the art and ahegaos are really great. Also, it has pretty funny and dirty language ^^
US / UP / DF / dj-moe

[Crazy9] Alice in Underworld

This time not-so-SFW preview, this story just doesn’t contain a sfw part 😉
New doujin I did for Raikoh few weeks ago. When I saw the raws I was hoping for someone to commission it and luckily Raikoh said that he may be interested, and so – behold Crazy9-like doujin about megane Alice-chan from Ookami-san anime (I hope you’ve seen it). This one brushes on the NTR topic, so you may want to think twice – but it’s not a NTR, so I hope you’ll spare me “I hate NTR stuff *HATEHATEHATE*”-like comments. Either way, enjoy your rough scenes with megane girl in pantyhose (INSTABONER). I just love Crazy9’s art, seriously…

Gakuen Saimin Reido EP.1

Hello again, we’re back with hentai for you — BIRI-EROBEAT strikes back to deliver HD hentais for your pleasure 😀 This time it’s a hypnosis in school series full of hard sex. It was relevant to my interests 😉 The script has been done long time ago, but there was a lack of BD rips for this show (at least in fair quality), so it’s been put back till now. Either way, have fun and remember to thank Erobeat as well.

Don’t let yourself get fooled by her nice smile, Nagisa-chan is a bully.

Yuna-chan is such a sweety~
It’s a story about guy that laid his hands on a hypnotic telephone and decides to get revenge on some people at school. Of course there are some other casualties as well…
As Chaosrains said, everyone in possession of hypno-phone would end up like that.
Consider yourself warned – it has mind breaking and rape.

[Wicked Heart] Rust Judgement


And another piece I made released by dj-moe today. Looks like a valentines day gift 😀
Doujin on Toaru Kagaku no Railgun containing Kuroko and Uiharu being raped.
Anyways, I hope you’ll enjoy them both and you can thank Raikoh for releasing them for free!
As always to grab from here or doujin-moe.
US / UP / DF / doujin-moe