[Boku] Futsuu no Tomodachi toka Kuru kara


Tanned loli sister…

…and her friend in glasses…

…are playing together at home.
// I kinda envy that guy o__O
Awesome oneshot from Comic Momopan 15 called “Because my Normal Friend is Coming Over”.
I just have to give my big thanks to Fatjoe for finding this one – that’s exactly what I needed – a story about two hawt lolis, footjobs in long-socks and dressing up as maids and, and … oh lord, you just have to see this for yourselves!!
Oneshot courtesy of Fatjoe.
Get your own meganekko!!
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PS: There will show up new project in place of Girls Shower (already decided by Zathael, who opened GS earlier as well) – I’ll be updating everything as soon as I find the time.

[Crazy9] Kanojo no Sentaku – Senou Natsuru no Baai –

Or in English: Her Choice – the Case of Senou Natsuru –
is another doujin published by doujin-moe for free.

There weren’t much images that I could use as preview, seriously.
This is a doujin of anime Kampfer. Those, who watched it, should know that Natsuru is in reality a man (that by some magic-like force is being changed into a girl), so it’s almost like a trap – my mind was going haywire during translating this one. I’m really happy to be able to share it with you as well, since it’s pretty awesome piece.
US / UP / DF / doujin-moe
PS: is oral and regular sex done simultaneously considered as double penetration?
PPS: This one has a little different style than anything I did till now – I hope it’s enjoyable.

[Nanana Nana] Fundamental Eleven Ch.1


Sweet looking loli maid with ponytails … I want one for me ;__;

Freaking awesome Mom!!
She’s a ninja-maid.

She ninja-ed out of her panties! :O

New project courtesy of Fatjoe.
Links to whole book published in Finished Projects section.
PS: Consider it as this weekend release 😛 Next one around Wed.
PPS: Comment page doesn’t bite!
aka. “Fundamental/11” or “Fundamental 11” and “Fundamental/Eleven

[.7] Futanari Sakuya-san


That ojou-sama, she’s so mean ;__; But I think that I’d wear meidofuku if it means I can have, what Sakuya had.
This one contains futa-Sakuya maid being played by a loli :3 Anyway, enjoy!
Oh, one more thing – I’m not into futa, but I liked this one actually, so you know … don’t judge it by futa contents.
This is commissioned Touhou doujin from anonymous. You can commission/donate to one yourself.
PS: it’s .7 or dotseven ? ^__^’