Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo EP1


Here’s a piece scripted by me for Erobeat back around Christmas and released just now. I’m yet to see it as I did only script and for SD version at that, but I hope you’ll like it.

It’s a first eisode of Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo – a story about a guy and three completely different sisters. The guy, Haruomi lived on an island that suffered from volcano cum eruption and had to move to his friend’s house – accidentally the friend is a girl and she has two sisters – Let the harem begin!!1
I personally like Mafuyu best (the blonde one).

[Ash Yokoshima] 3 Angels Short Ch.7

Nothing’s better than a pool in the summer with a bunch of hot girls. It seems that Cherry really likes being with Maki.

This line is bad in so many ways D: What is she going to do!?
I can assure you that you want to know what happened at the pool!
Another chapter from Angels – just a three more to the end of the volume so stay tuned ^__^
Commissioned by Omega999.
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First volume is done.


[Tsunken] Star and Ocean

From series “what does biribiri do when he’s not publishing his works for so long?! ;__; “

Can we see it as well? Please~~ (That guy behind her is the son in question.)

Hai thar kitteh :3
Here’s commissioned by doujin-moe.us a while back doujin of the game Star Ocean and made free today … or was it yesterday? It contains some pretty hot smexing with alien catgirl <3~ and not only a catgirl. I’d want to join SRF, where can I volunteer for their special investigation!?
Beware of a boner killer at the end — no, seriously.
You can grab it at their site or here:
US / UP / DF
PS: The raws were pretty bad an this is all we uhm, I mean Raikoh could do without losing details. Let’s hope that they make other pieces free at some point – few of them were quite epic 😉

[TANA] Kimi no Hitomi ni Koi Shiteru Ch.8 [END]

You’re gonna get reap’d~ (made up line but somehow accurate)

For this one I really hesitated, but I just had to put a NSFW preview – this chapter is just too much xD I couldn’t decide which parts to include here as well, there is just too much of epic scenes.
Chapter finalizes the tankoubon with a bang and proudly represents TANA’s style!
So, this is a final chapter from “Kimi no Hitomi ni Koi Shiteru” and bulk contains SERIOUSLY CORRECTED previous chapters – we strongly advise you download bulk than single chapters.

I’d like to thank to Ode to Joy and anonymous for sponsoring this tankoubon and I really hope you guys will like it. And of course thanks to Len and Afro for working with me on those.
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Standalone 8th chapter: HF / UP / DF
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[TANA] Kimi no Hitomi ni Koi Shiteru Ch.7

For this chapter there was barely any image I could use for the preview – seriously – see for yourself!
So, this one is – to my surprise an incest story, not some relatives, step-sisters or such, but a real incest – I think it’s rather unusual fro TANA, though seeing a loli story by TANA would be more surprising for me… I laughed seriously on page 183 … that’s something you rarely see in manga ^__^”
Only one last chapter for this book left – I’m almost done with script, but there is a lot to clean and I’m going to review whole tank and make some corrections as well as proofreading, so I can’t say when will next release be.
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[Takatu] Sore wa Rekishi ni Kakanaide! Ch.1

Can you resist this epic cute face and these teary eyes!!? Alright, that was a rhetorical question – OF COURSE NOT!!1 So download, read and comment!!1!
Also … I can’t decide if I should call her a loli or not … she does have quite nice breasts, but her cuteness is that of a loli… so I went with both tags 😛 Also – this is suppose to be a defloration, but no blood, so no defloration imho 😛
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PS: bonus for those, who read to this place – the title is “Don’t write it down in the history!”

[Kouzuki Rio] Alice no Himegoto Ch.1-3


So, here is my Christmas present for you guys – final chapter of Alice Arc with previous ones with a little touch-ups.
In this chapter Alice comes to the court and who does she meet? Yes! Bad Loli sadistic tsundere queen !!111 What will happen to our little Alice!? What will happen to the Rabbit!? Will Alice be able to return to home!? Read, weep, fap and find out in this special Christmas release!!
I’d like to wish you all fapable merry Christmas and more awesome manga to fap to read in next year!
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[TANA] Kimi no Hitomi ni Koi Shiteru Ch.6

That’s a really heartwarming sight!
It’t not nice to play with people’s feelings ;__; She made Kanoko cry …
And we’re back with older releases – First in line is another TANA’s work from the poll of oneshots consisting of pretty awesome 3P with young marriage. I have two things to say about this one:
Kanoko is really sexy ^__^

Hiroshi has a big-ass dick!!1

Also, the number six means that only 3 2 chapters left to the end of that tankoubon! And of course I’m waiting for your comments!!1

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[Ohtomo Takuji] Drinking Virgin Ch.7

Dun, dun, DUN!
Poor busty girl, what will happen with her?
Do you like your busty megane schoolgirl in her tracksuit? I bet you do!! This is the second and last part of busty megane Arc.
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Here’s whole book translated.

aka Gokkun Shojo
And yeah – I should be back to regular translating starting tomorrow, but we have to wait for Len a little longer – either way, there shouldn’t be any serious drawbacks with new releases for now.  Thank you for keeping up with us despite that latest inactivity. On the other news – I feel like I developed a pretty serious 2D Complex – thank God Genshiken’s philosophy makes me feel better:

Also – I recommend Pixy’s hentai anime (especially Taimanin Asagi, Dark Love and Kangoku Senkan … pretty fscking awesome !!111 – afaik the last one has no subs yet)

[K2tomonokai] Senjouno Nichijouno

I’d take her proposition! ^__^
This is a commission I made for doujin-moe.us not so long ago – they just published that and you can grab it at their site along with other works, or here. Also – it’s not numbered 😛
This is a doujin of Code Geass and is split in two parts – one with Lelouch x C.C. and the other one is random officers x C.C. and it contains quite funny moments as well. Have fun!