[Gomennasai] Omase de Gomen! Ch.9


Gomen’s lolis always have so awesome style ^^

Read above.
Another Gomen’s story, this time about rather perverted girl and her adventures. It’s been a while since we’ve seen something from this artist, so I’m going to remind you previous chapters in the bulk as well.
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[Ohtomo Takuji] Drinking Virgin Ch.10

I want to meet an idol like she. Damn is she hot~ And she seems to be a natural airhead with big breasts ^^ And her dress at the end is just so awesome ♥
Another chapter from DV – one more left to go. A story about an idol and her problem with food. Pretty awesome, daresay. Download, enjoy and leave a comment ^^
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[Nanana Nana] Fundamental Eleven Ch.2


I bet he’s not the only one to love Shi-chan.
So, here’s another chapter from Fundamental Eleven for you — with some unexpected turns of action and… hmm, that’s a surprise 😛
I believe tag shota is right here, isn’t it?
Chapter courtesy of Fatjoe.
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[Asami Sekiya] Girls Shower Ch.5


Asami’s lolis are always so moe~ <3~
Her name is Kana.

Whoops, onii-chan enters jealous mode.
This is the first chapter of trilogy about Kana, her brother and Jun. I hope you’ll like it.
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I’m not putting there old chapters yet cause I think that they will need revising as they are my old, old releases. My plan is to revise them as I’m getting through the book, meaning that Ch.10 should be released along with Ch.9 and so Ch.12 with Ch.11, concluding the whole tankoubon.
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[Tsunken] Star and Ocean

From series “what does biribiri do when he’s not publishing his works for so long?! ;__; “

Can we see it as well? Please~~ (That guy behind her is the son in question.)

Hai thar kitteh :3
Here’s commissioned by doujin-moe.us a while back doujin of the game Star Ocean and made free today … or was it yesterday? It contains some pretty hot smexing with alien catgirl <3~ and not only a catgirl. I’d want to join SRF, where can I volunteer for their special investigation!?
Beware of a boner killer at the end — no, seriously.
You can grab it at their site or here:
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PS: The raws were pretty bad an this is all we uhm, I mean Raikoh could do without losing details. Let’s hope that they make other pieces free at some point – few of them were quite epic 😉

[Kouzuki Rio] Alice no Himegoto Ch.1-3


So, here is my Christmas present for you guys – final chapter of Alice Arc with previous ones with a little touch-ups.
In this chapter Alice comes to the court and who does she meet? Yes! Bad Loli sadistic tsundere queen !!111 What will happen to our little Alice!? What will happen to the Rabbit!? Will Alice be able to return to home!? Read, weep, fap and find out in this special Christmas release!!
I’d like to wish you all fapable merry Christmas and more awesome manga to fap to read in next year!
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[TANA] Kimi no Hitomi ni Koi Shiteru Ch.6

That’s a really heartwarming sight!
It’t not nice to play with people’s feelings ;__; She made Kanoko cry …
And we’re back with older releases – First in line is another TANA’s work from the poll of oneshots consisting of pretty awesome 3P with young marriage. I have two things to say about this one:
Kanoko is really sexy ^__^

Hiroshi has a big-ass dick!!1

Also, the number six means that only 3 2 chapters left to the end of that tankoubon! And of course I’m waiting for your comments!!1

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[K2tomonokai] Senjouno Nichijouno

I’d take her proposition! ^__^
This is a commission I made for doujin-moe.us not so long ago – they just published that and you can grab it at their site along with other works, or here. Also – it’s not numbered 😛
This is a doujin of Code Geass and is split in two parts – one with Lelouch x C.C. and the other one is random officers x C.C. and it contains quite funny moments as well. Have fun!

[Ash Yokoshima] 3 Angels Short Ch.5

Hey, at least he’s honest with that !!
Cause fifth chapter is about time to introduce new girl. Hai thar busty girl :3
Oh god, I’m jealous of Cherry now ^__^ Hey, remember that girls Miyamoto was scared of at the end of last chapter? Guess what – he had a reason 😀

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First volume is done.