[TSF no F] Yakyuubu no Moto Ace ♂ wa Sei Shori Pet ♀


Well, let me just say this isn’t how it looks like. We have a story about a baseball player who magically gets turned into a girl through… hypnosis… I heard that’s normal trope from the author, so let’s not dwell on it. In any case, it’s unusually long one, with quite a few full color pages, so I hope you will enjoy it.

Courtesy of espeon from gender.tf.

[Alice no Takarabako] Mitsubachi no Yakata Nigou-kan Seventh Heaven-ten

Now this is quite a nice scene to start a book, don’t you think? So, we’re having quite a long book on FF, with all the girls plus as a bonus Cloud turned into a girl, because why not. I hope you will enjoy it. There’s lots of sex and Mizuryuu’s typical fullbody pantyhose-like costumes.

Courtesy of anonymous.

[Takaoka Motofumi] Mahouteki na Kanojo Ch.8 [END]

Miyajima hasn’t given up on Hikawa-senpai yet, it seems. How will the story end? I hope you enjoyed this ride. Sadly, since there were no tank scans, it’s all in just magazine scans. Also, there was one page missing from my version of 1st chapter, so I patched the hole with a different scan I could find.

Courtesy of anonymous.