[Egao ga Ichiban] Natsu Hime Kankan


Another doujin by Egao, about summer fest this time. This one is even more extreme than previous ones, I guess…

Though it doesn’t end with death…

This time, I guess I should give a bigger warning:

This is a pure GURO and actually doesn’t contain even one scene of sex!!

Now, when we got this over, I give my thanks to Afro Thunda for brainstorming with me, Imari from LWB (he should know for what) and Hayama Kotono for some brainstoroms over this one.
And a note from myself – I wish they released some less violent stuff with those meganekkos of their <3~

[EB110SS] Ecchi Shoujo Pantsu Ch.7


She’s one cute Meganekko.
Another chapter by EB110SS for you. A story of a cute meganekko that falls in love with her teacher after few “tutoring” lessons. Pretty lovely story with a happy ending.
Chapter courtesy of Fatjoe.
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[Crazy9] Alice in Underworld

This time not-so-SFW preview, this story just doesn’t contain a sfw part 😉
New doujin I did for Raikoh few weeks ago. When I saw the raws I was hoping for someone to commission it and luckily Raikoh said that he may be interested, and so – behold Crazy9-like doujin about megane Alice-chan from Ookami-san anime (I hope you’ve seen it). This one brushes on the NTR topic, so you may want to think twice – but it’s not a NTR, so I hope you’ll spare me “I hate NTR stuff *HATEHATEHATE*”-like comments. Either way, enjoy your rough scenes with megane girl in pantyhose (INSTABONER). I just love Crazy9’s art, seriously…

[Denki Shougun] Intelli-Mushroom

You have now a megane fetish.

She’s just great – sexy and smart.
This is a oneshot I did for Raikoh not so long ago actually, I hope you’re gonna love this meganekko~ I know I really loved it and Afro Thunda said that he’s ought to find other stuff by this artist ;D
You can get it from me or from dj-moe as always.
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[R Koga] Bubunteki Otonaka Keikaku Ch.5


You know that you want to see that appearance of this meganekko as well.
So yeah, there is absolutely no sfw preview for this chapter possible. A story about stupid guy that’s really submissive and his intelligent, precocious little sister in glasses. Also, be aware that this chapter has some scenes that you may find gross.
Chapter brought to you by Zathael.
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PS: If you haven’t notice, there’s new project opened starting today~
PPS: It just occurred to me that I forgot to change release number on scans, so it’s numbered 157, but it’s rel 168, just if you have any doubts 😉 I’m not gonna change it now though, since it’s a lot of data to upload…

[Ash Yokoshima] 3 Angels Short: Full Passion Ch.6

Kaede in glasses… and that look… truly HNNNNNGGGH-worthy

New chapter of Angels for you. This time with Kaede (again), but this time she’s not being raped or anything 😉 And Suu’s starting to act jealous. Also, it’s full of D-AAAW moments – see for yourself!
Chapter brought to you by GjustG.
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[Takatu] Sore wa Rekishi ni Kakanaide! Ch.8


How can he be so cold towards her?! o__O
First from oneshots by Takatu. A story about airhead milf~ It’s still a mystery to me, why chapter is titled “My Mother’s a Worrywart” and not “My Mother’s an Airhead” 😉
Chapter courtesy of Raikoh.
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[Egao ga Ichiban] Haru Hime Kankan


Meganekko farmgirl~
A little break from usual works:
Another story from Egao, “Spring Princess Violation” – I snatched it from under the noses of LWB’s staff 😛 Also, it’s confirmed, that this circle’s going to release two more pieces, Natsuhime and Akihime~ I’m probably going to make them as well, for the sake of completeness.
Contains Extreme Violence, Blood and other bodily fluids! If you can’t stand it,  just walk away.
If you understood, links are under the spoiler 😛