[Hori Hiroaki] DEBUT [Complete]

And 4th! book out today… It’s a set of school-related stories with both students and teachers having sex alike. The last 2 chapters are a bit of a spin on idols, and a bit darker than others as well.

This is what I’ve been doing past year, so I hope you will enjoy every moment with today’s releases… And excuse some delays or lack of releases now and then…

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[Kawahagitei] Hitozuma to Gattai! Nukenai! ~Netori Fukahi no Gattai Seikatsu~ Ch.1

Sooo… Do you like girls with huge bumpers and tight waists? If so, this will definitely be up your alley. It’s a first chapter of a story about a man and woman who are attracted to each other at genetic level. I really hope you will enjoy it and forgive me for not exactly as regular releases as usual (this kinda work is the culprit! Definitely, *nod, nod*)

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[Kai Hiroyuki] Delizuma Ch.1

She could give me a hand, if you catch my drift…. In any case, let’s hope we’ll do more of this series, since next chapters have less censoring. The arc revolves around one lucky bastard guy and cock-hungry housewives from a complex building.

If you’re interested in supporting this series in being finalized, send me a mail for quotes!

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[Takaoka Motofumi] Mahouteki na Kanojo Ch.8 [END]

Miyajima hasn’t given up on Hikawa-senpai yet, it seems. How will the story end? I hope you enjoyed this ride. Sadly, since there were no tank scans, it’s all in just magazine scans. Also, there was one page missing from my version of 1st chapter, so I patched the hole with a different scan I could find.

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