[Yuuki Homura] Love Poro Style Ch.11 [END]

Yes, don’t take it personally.
And we’re finally done with this book. Thanks to Job Truniht for taking it upon himself to sponsor this book as well as giving his opinion on translation. Thanks to AfroThunda, Axalon, HurpDurp and PureEnergy for proofreading it for me as well. Oh, and thanks to everyone who read it and didn’t snap because of my speed too!
Courtesy of Job Truniht.

[Kazuhiro] NTR GAME

She has everything – boobs, looks, stockings. What would you want more? 
I was going to release something different, but we have some last-minute corrections. I wonder if I even have to warn you. With a title like that, nothing can’t be hidden. I hope some ntr lovers out there will love it. Also, we have 2 more chapters from this artist in QC.
Courtesy of Zebon20.