[T.cop] Candy Lucky

Makes you wanna join them~

I looooove Kana-chan <3~
Damn, there’s just too much parts of this one I wanted to put up as preview – it was hard to decide on those two (hell, I wanted to put here most of p5 and p6).
As I promised, here’s second Candy Boy doujin from me. I wanted to release it much earlier, but you know that I’m a busy man and there was a lot of  projects waiting for their turn for a long time. Either way, unlike the previous one, there’s no surprise with a dick waiting for Kana-chan (though Yuki-chan does have something up her sleeve for that). I hope you’ll like that.
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[Rakko] Pura-Tina Plus Ch.4


Person, who invented duct tapes was a GENIUS!!
Another chapter from glasses girls, this time on a beach. Expect Chinami’s silliness and… a surprise side to Irumi <3~
Chapter brought to you by Omega999.
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[Hitagiri] Pizza and the Little Bully

Nice Chubby Schoolgirl~

Oh yes 😀
A oneshot I did for dj-moe a while back – I don’t know where was it published though.
A story by Hitagiri about a chubby girl that has the thing for a fat otaku… world’s luckiest bastard!! Also, it has a D-AAAAAAAW~ ending
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[Urajirou] Chiisana Koigokoro Ch.2


That’s right, don’t touch her in funny places 😉
This is a story about elder sister and her brother and he’s a little weird… Well, but the girl is just epic ;D
It’s almost like reverse rape, so yeah, you’ve been warned 😀
Chapter sponsored by Zathael.
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[T.cop] Candy Heart

D-AWWWW~ I can’t tell who’s looking cuter here…

I love Kana so much~
So yeah, there’s promised surprise release before my leave. I hope you’re gonna like this Candy Boy doujin as much as I did. It’s a romance sort-of yuri incest story with some surprise twist. I certainly recommend you watch anime as well, I was really sad about it being short set of ONA with durability ~7-10min each ;__;
Kana is the best ffs!
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PS: Yes, I’m planning to take care of the other Candy Boy dj from the same artist one of these days….
Well then, now I’m off for some last minute anime and preparations and I’m going to the airport~ I’m taking my laptop and everything, so I will probably do some working, though much less than usually.

[Gomennasai] Omase de Gomen! Ch.14 [END]


And here’s the final chapter from the arc and the book for you guys. After all, she resolved to underhanded technique… But she did try to do it normally xD
Chapter brought to you by Fatjoe.

So, this book is finally done. I enjoyed doing this one and I hope you’re going to enjoy reading it 😉
I did some little changes, especially for first chapter, where I started calling the robots “Imouto Lolibot”, since it’s explained in that chapter and for consistency with “Imouto Lolibot DX” chapter. I also went ahead and translated Afterword and short story about Imouto Lolibots at the end.
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and for single Ch.14:
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[Gomennasai] Omase de Gomen! Ch.13


Continuation of the previous chapter – our I’m-not-a-lolicon onii-chan pays his price…
Enjoy the second part of this arc from Gomen. No bulk, cause there’s only one more chapter to go 😛
Chapter courtesy of Fatjoe.
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Afro Thunda Edit: For those late to the party, follow this link to for the complete and polished up book: Omase de Gomen Complete

[Nanana Nana] Fundamental Eleven Ch.11 [END]


Final chapter from Fundamental. This time we’re going to Onsen and we’re going to take a dip into… uhm, I was thingking about hot spring, honestly ;D
Chapter brought to you by Zathael.

And we’re done with this book!! Enjoy your another full release! I went back and noticed that gradients for some chapters were off, so I corrected them. And of course, whole book was revised by Afro Thunda and Zetsu (my new acting proofreader). Well then, enjoy your lolis.
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[Nanana Nana] Fundamental Eleven Ch.8


She’s pretty cute…

Dun, DUN, DUNN!!
Another chapter from this book, this time about a sleepover party. Three more chapters to go, that will show up in two updates.
Chapter sponsored by Fatjoe.
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PS: I hope I will be able to make another updates, since there’s a natural disaster going on close-by.