[Kawahagitei] Hitozuma to Gattai! Nukenai! ~Netori Fukahi no Gattai Seikatsu~ Ch.1

Sooo… Do you like girls with huge bumpers and tight waists? If so, this will definitely be up your alley. It’s a first chapter of a story about a man and woman who are attracted to each other at genetic level. I really hope you will enjoy it and forgive me for not exactly as regular releases as usual (this kinda work is the culprit! Definitely, *nod, nod*)

Courtesy of kcz117.

[Muriyari Egao] Kiki’s Delivery Service + Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! + [Pepomiso] Rage of Bahamut PIXIV sets

Here are three short CG sets from artist’s PIXIV that we translated. They all involve tickling and are variant-sets, so nothing much really happens graphic-wise. But there’s something to read, that’s for sure, especially when it goes for Bahamut one (phew). Two of those I shared via my Twitter while blog was down.

Courtesy of anonymous.