[Harukaze Do-jin] Aoi-chan Attack! Ch.2

Today’s share is something I put on the fast track for this chapter, to show that we’re doing this book. It’s a story about the biggest elementary schooler I’ve seen in a while and her teacher hooking up together, not without impossible to overprice help of her two scheming friends.
I dunno if it should be tagged as loli or not – I mean, if it wasn’t for some dialogues, she looks like well-endowed 19yo.
Courtesy of anonymous.

[Nendo.] Maid Graffiti Ch.3

Nuff’ said, aye?
And we’re bringing you another chapter of Lustful Maids. I hope you’ll like this chapter 😀
Chapter courtesy of Shmookle.
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Since the book is completed, remember to get the corrected version that’s included in complete archive in Finished Projects section, or in last post.