Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo EP3

With all the consequences – FUCK YES!

Whole trio for fans of other girls.
So, we’re back with third episode of My Exciting Harem Life with Three Gorgeous Sisters and Not Only. This time most of the stuff happens around summer vacation time, but to my disappointment – no swimsuit Mafuyu for us :C Nonetheless, Enjoy.

Gakuen Saimin Reido EP.2

Yuuna is kinda cute sometimes 😉

It took longer than I expected, but Shocwave and the gang got through this one – last episode of the hypno-phone hentai – as earlier, it’s full of ahegaos, some bondage etc. Also – Himeno finally gets what we were waiting for since first episode. As always, it’s a Blu-Ray release, so get read for weight over 500MB and resolution 720p – BIRI-EROBEAT always with the finest quality. Well, without further ado, enjoy.
Also, due to moving, I went to sleep at 7am, so I don’t know if I’ll be releasing anything else today.

Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo EP2


As promised, second ep of the KxKxK hentai. As always, in HD. This time there are two new girls involved, but as you can see from my screencaps, I’m just too much into Mafuyu atm to let you see them 😉
So, this time, you’re gonna see action with each sister and class rep and a glasses girl as well… it’s so much win… Oh and there will be Maid cosplay as well. I sure hope you’re gonna enjoy it. I’m not tagging it as there’s a lot of things to tag this time and whatnot… just watch it and you can expect mostly what you’ve seen in first ep 😉

Gakuen Saimin Reido EP.1

Hello again, we’re back with hentai for you — BIRI-EROBEAT strikes back to deliver HD hentais for your pleasure 😀 This time it’s a hypnosis in school series full of hard sex. It was relevant to my interests 😉 The script has been done long time ago, but there was a lack of BD rips for this show (at least in fair quality), so it’s been put back till now. Either way, have fun and remember to thank Erobeat as well.

Don’t let yourself get fooled by her nice smile, Nagisa-chan is a bully.

Yuna-chan is such a sweety~
It’s a story about guy that laid his hands on a hypnotic telephone and decides to get revenge on some people at school. Of course there are some other casualties as well…
As Chaosrains said, everyone in possession of hypno-phone would end up like that.
Consider yourself warned – it has mind breaking and rape.

Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo EP1


Here’s a piece scripted by me for Erobeat back around Christmas and released just now. I’m yet to see it as I did only script and for SD version at that, but I hope you’ll like it.

It’s a first eisode of Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo – a story about a guy and three completely different sisters. The guy, Haruomi lived on an island that suffered from volcano cum eruption and had to move to his friend’s house – accidentally the friend is a girl and she has two sisters – Let the harem begin!!1
I personally like Mafuyu best (the blonde one).

[Yuki Seto] Stringendo EP.1

So yeah … I was angry that no-one took the time to translate this series. It’s baised on Yuki Seto’s eromanga Stringendo. It’s a story of schoolgirls having crush on not-so-popular guys. And it’s full of epic blowjob scenes.
It’s actually the first time I ever translated anime – I hope it looks nice (I didn’t use any fancy styling for subs cause it would draw attention from the movie). It’s censored version.
[BIRI]_Stringendo_Angel-tachi_no_Private Lesson_1_-_My_Blow_Jober_1_[H.264]_[4fddc34f] - 00001
You meanie ;<
[BIRI]_Stringendo_Angel-tachi_no_Private Lesson_1_-_My_Blow_Jober_1_[H.264]_[4fddc34f] - 00002
I find her so fscking HOT ! :O
And a word from Len (besides big “Oh my god.” right after he got the proofread-ready version):

This show was actually pretty good though, these hentai voice actresses are much better than the last time I remember watching something.