[Nakata Yumi] Chu-Bra!! STEP.9

Quality Middle School Yuri Time~

But you’re just fine that way, Yako-chan! <3~
Word from Afro Thunda: A flat chest is fine indeed.

Another fix of your favorite pantsu manga and we’re finally get to see the fitting session!! And a cliffhanger at the very end :O What’s going to happen next!?
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[Nakata Yumi] Chu-Bra!! STEP.7 (+bonus) [Vol.1 END]

Oh man, this is bad on so many levels XD

Nayu in Elementary Schoolgirl version is really awesome!!

As I promised, I translated the bonus at the end of the volume as well – a short story about Nayu in her Elementary School Days 😀

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We’ve finally reached the end of first volume. I went back and corrected all the chapters and so on, so if you want to keep it after reading, you better get the COMPLETE VOLUME:

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[Nakata Yumi] Chu-Bra!! STEP.6

School violence ;x

That teacher’s really busty sexy~
Another one from Chu-Bra!! Nayu has a long day and that stalker approaches and, and… this is almost the end of the first volume – just one more chapter and special to go.
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[Nakata Yumi] Chu-Bra!! STEP.5

Damn right, Nayu!!

This guy just lost it 😉
So, here you have next chapter of pantsu-ness 😉 This time a rival appears ;D
If I somehow manage to finish some works, one more chapter of Chu-bra!! will show up this month yet.
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[Nakata Yumi] Chu-Bra!! STEP.4

I-It’s not like I wanted to share anything with you today, okay?

Yuri moments – God I really want to join them :C

So, in this chapter tsundere Yako is tsundere and we have more panty shots, though with less ‘the more you know about female underwear’ corners.
I actually lost hope of doing anything from this, but then Sudz showed up and funded first volume – I’m waiting for scanner to drop me second volume in tankoubon version for you guys.
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[Nakata Yumi] Chu-Bra!! STEP.3

I told you it has tons of fansercive!! Haruka has awesome breasts!!
I think that Yako-chan is a tsundere.
In this chapter we get to know Yako-chan a little more and I have to say, that she’s really cute in the close-ups!! Don’t blame me if you fell in love!!1 By the way, for some reason I like calling Yako with ‘chan’ (or even ‘chin’ ;)) even in reviews, while I don’t feel like it when writing about Haruka and Nayu…
I hope you guys really like it 😀
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I decided to write a little something about the title of this manga(and why I write Chu-Bra!! and not, as some places do – Chuubura), so here we go.
Chu-Bra or「ちゅーぶら」 is a game of words on “Chu” and “Bra”. In Japan people tend do short some words, when used in some cases – Chu (or Chuu) is an abbreviation for “Chuugakkou” which is of course “Middle School” — as we all know, Nayu and the rest were just enrolled in a middle school, which makes the perfect sense. The second part is of course “Bra” – I think it doesn’t call for explanation. Title in full is a game of words stating that this manga is all about underwear(female) in the eyes of middle school students – we could try translating it in many ways as it has no direct translation in English, but imho “Middle School Bra” is the closest one to the original — though it’s not catchy, so I left the original, weeaboo title. The “-” is used simply for aesthetic purposes – to match English way of joining few words that consist for adjective-like  describes.

[Nakata Yumi] Chu-Bra!! STEP.2

Nayu is really moe … and an underwear freak 😀
Let’s all fondle busty girls from the class!!
So yeah, this one took quite some time to find someone interested, but here it is – my only non-h project! I hope you’ll like Nayu and her habbit of groping friends 😉 This one is non-h, but it has tons on fanservice! ^__^
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[Nakata Yumi] Chu-Bra!! STEP.0


Non-H manga about middle school girl who really likes talking about underwear, and groping her busty friend. This is just a teaser – 3paged prologue translated by me today. This is a commision candidate!

From Greener (jCafe):
It’s about a girl who loves underwear so much she tries to start an underwear club at school.
Tons of fan service.