[Nakata Yumi] Chu-Bra!! STEP.19

Black Yako is SCARY!!

But you just gotta love her <3~
Another chapter from pantsu manga. Yako has an incident with her childhood friend. We get to see quite a lot of scenes with Yako in her sports bra <3~
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[Nakata Yumi] Chu-Bra!! STEP.15

Silly Yako-chan ^_^

*Tension raising*
First chapter from third volume for you. I hope you’re gonna enjoy it as much as I did. Previews were chosen for you by Jyasuten and hako from IRC — I had four pics and I couldn’t decide which ones to go with.
Chapter courtesy of Sudz.
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[Nakata Yumi] Chu-Bra!! STEP.14 [Vol.2 END]

Mizuno-sensei :O <3~
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So, here we are with the whole second volume of Chu-Bra!! Thank you all for reading and support… As always, we went back and made some corrections, for both flow and grammar, so you could see it in the best possible quality. We included one page that was missing from previous chapter (Kuropon forgot to scan that one :D).
Thanks to commissioners – Sudz and Zathael and to Afro Thunda for helping me out with corrections. Thanks to Kuropon for taking his time to deliver us scans as well.
We’re going to take a little break and resume with volume 3 later, so I hope to see you then as well!
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[Nakata Yumi] Chu-Bra!! STEP.13

I want Nayu Vision too!!1

Little Nayu and a heart-captivating moment. Now you’re in love with Nayu.
New chapter from Chu-Bra!! is finally out 😉 Took a while, but there’s only one more chapter from this volume. This time, we get to know more about Nayu’s past. This chapter’s daaaaw and hearthbreaking levels are 9001 😉
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[Nakata Yumi] Chu-Bra!! STEP.12

Yako in perverted old man mode yet again 😀

Mizuno-sensei is too charming~
Yet another chapter from panty manga for your pleasure. We’ve had some technical dificulties – Kuropon had a scanner malfunction, so it took longer than I expected. Either way, we’re back and I hope that there won’t be more surprises anymore. Well then, enjoy your whole-chapter-long bath scene~
Chapter courtesy of Zathael.
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[Nakata Yumi] Chu-Bra!! STEP.11

I think this doesn’t need a comment ;D

Nayu in her casual clothes looks just great!
Finally, another part of pantsu manga for you. This chapter is not consistent with anime (if you saw anime, you should notice those parts) – and I say it’s somewhat funnier 😉
Chapter courtesy of Sudz.
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[Nakata Yumi] Chu-Bra!! STEP.10

Nayu in color, FTW!! It makes it a double win!!

She looks down 🙁
After final battle with meanie old hag sensei, underwear club is in a pinch. What’s going to happen? How will Nayu overcome that? And where is my boin-sensei!?
Turns out Kuropon’s version of tankoubon doesn’t have any color pages, but he cleaned magazine pages for us, so yeah, there are two versions for few pages – colored and in grayscale.
Also, I don’t know if you’re aware, but Nakata Yumi released some hentai manga as well 😀 With the same awesome art, but instead of cocktease, there’s some actual sex ^^ For example Oku-sama wa Seitokaichou [About] or Mako-chan to Asobou [About] (aka. a little bigger Yako-chan and sex ;)). Unfortunately, censorship is rather annoying ;__;
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