[Nagare Ippon] Meat Hole Ch.8


Isn’t she cute?
And yet another Nagare Ippon-ish story for your wicked pleasures. This time teacher’s sister is getting drunk and drugged by other teachers. I hope you will enjoy this feast. On this occasion, there’s a (I hope good) news. The commissioner who wanted us to do those, commissioned also the remaining, not yet translated chapters (nameli 1, 5 and 6) as well as some short story that wasn’t included in the tank that is a sequel to chapter 7. They will show up in two releases, so be sure to follow us.
Chapter courtesy of DrtyBird.
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[Nagare Ippon] Meat Hole Ch.7

Tonight we bring you a Nagare Ippon story. You can expect ahegaos that are Nagare’s trademark. Mia-chan has to pass exams, but because of a troll little fucker she has crush on, she ends up not studying at all. She tries to do something about it, but you know it won’t end well, right?
Chapter courtesy of DrtyBird.
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