[Labui] Nyotaika shite Gyaru ni naru

If you ask me, that sounds like a stretched excuse to have sex 😉 In any case, this is a thing that was shared while blog was still down. It was commissioned by some Patreon owner who focuses on genderswap stories that I don’t have a link to around at the moment, and they were kind enough to release it to public. I hope you will enjoy it.

Courtesy of anonymous.

[Haguruma] Niwasaki Poolside

Now I regret not having a pool in my garden… or having a garden for that matter D; I blame it on that fact that no hot childhood friend ever visited me to give me some sexy times!! So, a hot girl barges in on a boy’s home and we’re having a heartwarming sex between childhood friends in the garden. I hope you will enjoy this one.

Courtesy of Job Truniht.