[Emua] Ryouran Gakuen Kakumeiki – Hyakka Ryouran! Ch.1

Isn’t she cute?
Tonight’s release is something we were seriously lacking around here, I believe. A story about an all-girls school. I feel kinda bad for taking my time with titles you probably would like to see more often, but I hope my constant releases are anticipated nevertheless.
PS: Don’t worry about the “missing” page/s in this release – one is something that is supposed to be at the end of the book, but was numbered as one of the first ones, the other one is TOC – they both will be included in final release as always, I decided to translate and include the “introduction” page right now, because it sets up the story.
PPS: The title we’re using now is working title, can’t decide if we should drop the sub-title “Hyakka Ryouran!” or not. Translated titles on the book are also working titles and may change later.
Chapter courtesy of Valthunder.
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On other notes:
Afro is making great work revamping Newmanoid – I saw him even changing some styling, so I expect that book will be a keeper.
Next in line will be Miko Naburi (as soon as I make few corrections), in 2-3 days. After that we’ll be sharing completed Trickster, so stay tuned!
HF most probably won’t come back – I’m not sure if FF will stay here or not at this point, let’s say we’re giving it a test run.