[Rakko] Muri Kuri Ch.3

She’s…. She’s…. damn, I don’t know what to say xD
This is showing up today on Afro Thunda’s personal request (because there was something else I had planned for today).
Here’s last chapter from Muri Kuri for all of you. The photography club has it’s last chance to avoid disbanding and they decided to go with a Cosplay Cafe, of course with the young teacher as the only waitress. And what would be better than a really revealing costume for a busty girl like this one. They’re of course taking advantage of her airheadness and bad sight, so get ready for some real insanity. Also, this chapter concludes prequel to the Pura-Tina book – Rakko corrected some aspects in the upcoming book, starting from art and ending on humor (I already read like 3 chapters from the next book and each chapter is funnier than the last :D)
Either way, enjoy your airhead busty teacher.
Chapter brought to you thanks to Omega999.
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PS: I’m NOT going to release any more chapters from this particular book. The next Rakko’s releases will be from Pura-Tina Plus, that directly follow Chinami-chan’s story.
PPS: Next up is some rage-causing stuff, so stay tuned 😉

[Rakko] Muri Kuri Ch.2

And we’re on the actual project by Rakko – this is the very first chapter with Chinami-chan, a REALLY airheaded teacher with REALLY bad sight. Level of absurd in this work is OVER9000!!111 There is also high level of comedy in this title ^^
Anyways, please enjoy your sexy teacher in REALLY revealing swimsuit. As a good news I can tell you that in PT+ (Pura-Tina Plus book), Rakko draws nicer, not-so-overboard breasts as well.
Chapter courtesy Omega999.
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Since this is not related to the earlier released chapter, no bulk this time. We’re gonna do one more chapter from this book – second part of Chinami-chan’s arc as well.

[Rakko] Muri Kuri Ch.1

Naked apron~
So, here’s first chapter from a longer project by Rakko that Omega999 wanted me to do. For now, an incest oneshot story. Seems like guy’s father went for a business overseas for few years (wtf?) and his older sister and mother are getting a little too horny.
There are gonna show up chapters 2 and 3 from this book, that are prequels to the main story from book called Pura-Tina+ (for the time being, I’m following transcription from the cover). I hope you’re gonna like this new regular project in quite a long time 😉 Well, that said, after skimming through the actual book (PT+) I noticed that artist changed a little the way of drawing breasts, but about that, later.
Chapter courtesy of Omega999.
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