[Emua] Innocent Thing Ch.12 [END]

Death by a ball? She’s gotta have strong legs.
And so, we’re done with yet another tank. It’s so fast, because Flammz figured we’d ask one of his friends for 3rd opinion on it. So, this is version with few fixes, less credits and in pngs. I hope you enjoyed it.
Great thanks to commissioners – Flammz, Job Truniht, Zathael and Zebon20 as well as to Afro Thunda for his proofreading skills and patience and Flammz and CellTF for their quality checks. As usual, thanks for your comments. Links below and on Finished Projects page.

[Emua] Innocent Thing Ch.5

I don’t think this needs further explanation.
Well then, please enjoy your sex memories filled chapter at the beach tonight.
Chapter courtesy Flammz.
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[Emua] Innocent Thing Ch.4

Doesn’t she kinda resemble Ryouko from his other book?
Story thickens again. One more girl makes her appearance. I hope you will enjoy this chapter too.
Chapter courtesy of Flammz.
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Note: Next one in link probably Going Otome…… As I don’t really have anything else ready. Really gotta push Starrk for his QC on Mizu’s chapter.