[Thomas] Honey Syrup Ch.13-14 [END]

Great trio of the 7 mysteries club.
Chapter courtesy of rurah.
Believe it or not, but we’re done with another book! I hope you liked it as much as we did. My thanks go to Jaylou1010, Oliver, Raikoh, Rurah, Zathael and last, but not least, to Afro Thunda.
It’s pretty late (I was stuck with some extensive editing job and I really wanted to finish it), so I’ll be updating the rest of the blog tomorrow.

[Thomas] Honey Syrup Ch.11

Long had of justice(?)
Hey there guys, We’re bringing you yet another chapter of syrup. This it first chapter from like 3 chapters long arc about adventures of an office of  paranormal investigations, erm, I mean ghost busters, erm… ah, whatever, you’ll know when you read it. At any case, i hope you’ll like it.
Chapter courtesy of rurah.