[Itou Ei] Henshitsu Fetishism Ch.4,6 [END]

A little delayed release, I’m sorry for this. I hope it was worth the wait, though.
Yet another complete book for you. Itou Ei certainly didn’t fail to deliver the fetishism he aimed for with the title. You rarely see so many different, yet true to the main subject stories in one book. I hope you enjoyed it as well.
Huge thanks to Zebon20 and Afro Thunda.

[Itou Ei] Henshitsu Fetishism Ch.1

Hot and drunk aunt, you know where this is going, don’t you? I really like this tank by Itou Ei – so full of perversion~ As previously, we used magazine scans that are less censored and filled it with pages that were added for the tankoubon. I hope you will enjoy.
On another note, as of now, we will be following tankoubon naming of next releases.
Courtesy of Zebon20.