[Itou Ei] Anata wo Sutte mo iidesuka? Ch.9 [END]


I just love her smile on that pic, I can’t help it.

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[Itou Ei] Anata wo Sutte mo iidesuka? Ch.8


Such a heartwarming scene, right?

Yuuki is fucked… or maybe not?
It’s been a while since we saw some vampires, so here it is. This is actually the conclusion of the arc (and you can’t deny that it’s fucking awesome), but there’s one more chapter, involving her majesty. Well then, prepare for some serious smexing and lulz!!
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Accept a vampire under your roof as well.
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[Itou Ei] Anata wo Sutte mo iidesuka? Ch.7

Talk about little terrorist.

They finally realized it, heheh.
We’re back with new part of vampire story. Putting aside mischievous loli dropping by, Runa and Sagiri team up to assault poor Yuuki. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did 😀
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[Itou Ei] Anata wo Sutte mo iidesuka? Ch.6

Did you miss Mikage? Cause as you can see, she missed you.

Notice “what”!? (find out in the chapter, haha)
And we’re finally back with next vampires chapter. Yuuki (finally) gets back home only to be assaulted by the girls again. How will he escape that dire situation!? Find out in this chapter!!
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[Itou Ei] Anata wo Sutte mo iidesuka? Ch.5


You know what’s gonna be for breakfast, don’t you?

Yet another epic character in this book, she kinda reminds me of Mina Tepes.
We’re taking up where we left the other time. We also meet new character and learn quite a lot about Yuuki and his family/role. I hope you’ll enjoy this chapter 😀
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[Itou Ei] Anata wo Sutte mo Iidesuka? Ch.4

A stalemate?

Honestly, which one would you chose? It’s definitely too hard for me 😀
Another vampires chapter for you guys!! We have all the vampires gathered in one place, but there’s only one victim to pry on… What’s gonna happen? You can read it in this chapter, so brace yourselves and dldldld 😀 And let your poor hearts cure after yesterday’s releases 😛
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[Itou Ei] Anata wo Sutte mo iidesuka? Ch.3

Another girl in a harem: Sagiri-chan, charm points: peerless, wears spats, uses brute force.

They say that if you don’t comment, they’re gonna leave.
Another chapter from Vampires, this time with one of the best blowjob in the book – you just gotta see this! This chapter marks 1/3rd of the book btw.
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[Itou Ei] Anata wo Sutte mo iidesuka? Ch.2

Mikage’s back~

You know she mean it, right?
So, second chapter of this series just for you. I’m not gonna say just how great this book is – see for yourselves. You’re gonna love it (I hope).
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[Itou Ei] Anata wo Sutte mo iidesuka? Ch.1

You now wish vampires were real.
Welcome to first of new projects I prepared for you. A book about smexy vampires and  a guy that’s somewhat immune to them ( he has genes that make him somewhat useful to vampires as well 😉 ). This books is just awesome imo, so be sure to check it out!
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