[Brother Pierrot] Bukatsu Shoujo Paradise ~ Asekkaki no Tenshi-tachi ~ Ch.1

Now this is a way to start the story, if you ask me. If you’re not familiar with the artist, you can expect some mature, toned bodies and quite an emphasis on legs, obviously. I hope you will enjoy it, since this is a new project! And it goes without saying, but if you do, consider supporting it~

Also, artist does quite a lot of spread images… I haven’t joined any of them yet, just eyeballed them for now… hopefully I’ll be able to join them properly at later date.

Courtesy of Job Truniht.

[Namonashi] Maken no Kishi Ch.4

A new challenger appeared. And it’s a… Dwarf who suspiciously strongly resembles a kitsune… If you’re familiar with the story, you don’t need introduction, if not, I suggest you look for previous chapters. Generally, we have a human princess and a dark elf princess fight against monsters with help of a magic sword, whose fuel is… female sex juices.

Courtesy of anonymous.

[Momoiro Manjiru] Manjiru Torotoro Ch.11 [END]

Let’s get this off my wall of shame, shall we? The final chapter of the book – a dumb girl goes to great lengths to make a guy who found her schlicking keep it a secret (duh, with that title… 😛 )

Courtesy of Zathael.

With this the book is done, thanks to everyone involved – donors Job Truniht, Zathael, Zebon20 and proofreaders – AfroThunda (yep, that’s just how old this project is), Axalon, blohx3, PureEnergy and Megaton for doing last read – yep, that many people were involved. I’m really sorry especially to Zathael. And sorry to anyone who waited for it to finish, too.

And special thanks to Job Truniht for kicking my ass into getting it released faster every time he came with new commissions.

[Combat Ecchu] Hime to Dragon Ch.1

It took me long enough to get first chapter ready, but here we go with the new project. We join Yoshio in his quest to defeat Demon Princesses in another world. I hope you will enjoy this one, since it’s all being worked on already.

PS: Not all story-specific terminology is completely decided, so don’t get too used to it (though knowing me, it’ll stick).

Courtesy of Viper.

[Takaoka Motofumi] Mahouteki na Kanojo Ch.8 [END]

Miyajima hasn’t given up on Hikawa-senpai yet, it seems. How will the story end? I hope you enjoyed this ride. Sadly, since there were no tank scans, it’s all in just magazine scans. Also, there was one page missing from my version of 1st chapter, so I patched the hole with a different scan I could find.

Courtesy of anonymous.