[Studio ParM] Tadashii Petto no Tsukurikata (Volume One)

I really like what I see here.

Isn’t Popula-chan the cutest thing? 😉
A doujin on Working!! I did for dj-moe a while ago. When I first saw raws, I though “Oh, I guess Raikoh’s gonna commission this one next” and BAM! He sent me a mail with this a week later 😉 Anyways, enjoy your hard smexing in Wagnaria. Also, this is a mind-break so yeah, it’s just epic ;D Damn, I want to have stamina like Takanashi. I guess it’s somewhat rape-y but she’s not resisting enough for that in my eyes.
Oh yeah, English title: “The Proper Way to Raise a Pet”
BS / FFDF / dj-moe
PS: You can expect something from regular queue in a few hours.