[Tsunken] Star and Ocean

From series “what does biribiri do when he’s not publishing his works for so long?! ;__; “

Can we see it as well? Please~~ (That guy behind her is the son in question.)

Hai thar kitteh :3
Here’s commissioned by doujin-moe.us a while back doujin of the game Star Ocean and made free today … or was it yesterday? It contains some pretty hot smexing with alien catgirl <3~ and not only a catgirl. I’d want to join SRF, where can I volunteer for their special investigation!?
Beware of a boner killer at the end — no, seriously.
You can grab it at their site or here:
US / UP / DF
PS: The raws were pretty bad an this is all we uhm, I mean Raikoh could do without losing details. Let’s hope that they make other pieces free at some point – few of them were quite epic 😉