[AXZ] Angel’s Stroke 41


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Fate is not amused…

In fact, she’s mad…

Nanoha is not amused either…

Is there gonna be a showdown? takes out his popcorn
And another share. The last part of  the Nanoha arc from AXZ. Magically, Hayate disappeared though, we have no idea why… maybe she’s been excluded on the way? I have no idea, but you do have Nanoha and Fate to enjoy, so I guess it’s okay?

Chapter courtesy of Omega999.

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[AXZ] Angel’s Stroke 22


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I sense an orgy coming…

That look in her eyes…
And tonight’s share is another stroke doujin about Nanoha this time. We’re closing in to the finale, there’s one more doujin from the series of it, that we’re doing that has number41. Well then, how will Nanoha react when she finds out that the other two is fuck-friends with Erio?

Doujin courtesy of Omega999.

Look, you can have your own orgy as well!

[An-Arc] Hermit of the Rashomon

Th…Those b- eyes… they’re drawing me in…

I get the feeling that Komachi is second troll of Gensokyo, not far behind Yukari.
And second – yes second special release today! A Touhou doujin we did for Raikoh lately. Komachi, the shinigami wants help of the Hermit with getting rid of some bad spirits lingering around Rashomon (I suppose). Of course she doesn’t plan to do any work herself (to her own safety).
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[Tanmatsu Ijou, Abnormal Terminal] Byakko no Mori Sono 3


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So, we’re (finally) sharing next part of the white foxes arc. This time Kuchinashi is the one visiting the guy (using a rather crazy method). I hope you’ll like it and I’d like to remind you that we’re doing the rest of the series – up to Sono 6 and Gaiden as a bonus. Also, I haven’t yet decided as to order – Gaiden was published on C79 and Sono 6 on C80, but Sono 5 and Sono 6 are tightly connected… hmmm…
Doujin courtesy of Darkfire.
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[Studio ParM] Chichi Imouto 3


Yet again – the only pic from the doujin that I can share XD
Another part of the story of Densuke going rampage on the girls from the anime. This time it’s Ayase and Kanako’s round. I hope you’ll like it. It appears like there will be one more part to it – with Kuroneko ^^
As always, you can get it from here, or from dj-moe.
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[Tanmatsu Ijou, Abnormal Terminal] Byakko no Mori Sono 2


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We’re back with another doujin. It’s an original story – previous part was done by desu and we’re doing next 4 of them, out of 7 in total (counting up to sono 6 and one side story atm). All four of them courtesy of the same guy, but if you want the rest, let me know. Well then, enjoy your order-made onsen.
Doujin courtesy of Darkfire.
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