[Crazy9] Alice in Underworld

This time not-so-SFW preview, this story just doesn’t contain a sfw part 😉
New doujin I did for Raikoh few weeks ago. When I saw the raws I was hoping for someone to commission it and luckily Raikoh said that he may be interested, and so – behold Crazy9-like doujin about megane Alice-chan from Ookami-san anime (I hope you’ve seen it). This one brushes on the NTR topic, so you may want to think twice – but it’s not a NTR, so I hope you’ll spare me “I hate NTR stuff *HATEHATEHATE*”-like comments. Either way, enjoy your rough scenes with megane girl in pantyhose (INSTABONER). I just love Crazy9’s art, seriously…
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