[Alice no Takarabako] Mitsubachi no Yakata Nigou-kan Seventh Heaven-ten

Now this is quite a nice scene to start a book, don’t you think? So, we’re having quite a long book on FF, with all the girls plus as a bonus Cloud turned into a girl, because why not. I hope you will enjoy it. There’s lots of sex and Mizuryuu’s typical fullbody pantyhose-like costumes.

Courtesy of anonymous.

[Kaientai] Confu Fantasy Lightning Hen

Go forth, Lightning-chan!!
We’re bringing you a doujin of Final Fantasy XIII that I did for Flash.Killer guy a while ago. Girl named Lightning is being put under some mind alteration program and becomes a slut, thinking that’ll save her sister. Pretty wordy one. Also – Afro was nice enough to help me with cleaning it and did most of the typesetting, thanks ^^