[Takatu] Snow Knight Whitey (30) [Complete]


And the biggest surprise of the week – Completely re-edited into tankoubon scans by doujin-moe Whitey. I only skimmed through it, so I don’t know how it looks.
On another news, we’re working on the Elisa-sama Goyoujin!! by Takatu as well (and I promise you it won’t take a year to complete).
Brought to you by dj-moe.

[Takatu] Sore mo Rekishi ni Kaichauno!? Ch.1

We have a surprise release for you today. It’s first chapter from two chapters long sequel to Sore wa Rekishi ni Kakanaide! This series is definitely the hottest from Takatu’s collection. We did it quite a while ago for Raikoh and it was released only today – I think Raikoh was waiting for better scans for the second part to release them at once, but there’s only one version for now (yes, we expect to work on the second one eventually as well!).
Well then, enjoy!!

[Takatu] The Succubus Lady Next Door Jeers Ch.3 [END]


And we’re sharing the last part of the Succubus story – Madoka comes back to the human realm to complete her training course… And then her mother comes in – you can imagine the rest, I suppose ╮(╯▽╰)╭
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And repacked archive with all three parts (unfortunately, they’re all old versions – ch.1 mag. scans and ch.2 not re-edited or corrected)
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[Takatu] The Succubus Lady Next Door Jeers Ch.2


We’re sharing second chapter of the story we did for Raikoh. We did magazine version though and Raikoh found someone to re-edit it into book version. I skimmed through it and found some errors that are not my courtesy (and pages are not leveled). There are included 2 pages of a Prologue that we translated after the book was out as well. Well then, enjoy.

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[Takatu] The Succubus Lady Next Door Jeers Ch.1


So, we’re sharing a chapter we did ages ago for Raikoh. Back then, we had no idea it’s a part of the series, so it’s a nice surprise that there are more chapter to that coming our way eventually, right? Enjoy this full of lulz chapter!
aka. “The Succubus Lady From Next Door”
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