[Sasahara Yuuki] Amagami Hime


Cute nekololi is cute 😉
First up, a single chapter by Sasahara Yuuki about a nekololi that seems to be pretty much obsessed with sex. She also likes to bite for fun, just like a real cat xD
It has very little plot, at least very little of it is spelled out, so it’s more like you should guess what’s going on on your own. English title’s “Play-biting Princess”
Chapter brought to you by Fatjoe.
Get your own nekololi!
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PS: Since a certain someone asked me to put it out there for more audience – There is this one book by (Ohtomo) Takuji about the busty bespectacled teacher [exhentai, pant.su] that I might take up if you want (this one can be opened with only one chapter), but could start it up either at the end of this, or beginning of next month. So if you liked my Drinking Virgin and you’re interested in M Kyoushi, you know where to find me.
PPS: I’m confirming that I’m going to release [T.cop] Candy Lucky doujin pretty soon!!!