[Nozarashi] ROYAL Medaka SCRAMBLE

And one more, unexpected even to me, share of the evening. I was asked to make a simple TLC of it for Afro, but it turned into translating from scratch. I hope some of you will like it. It’s something like a joint with Afro. It’s a doujin of some manga named Medaka Box – never heard of it or anything though, but I like Nozarashi’s ahegaos 😉

[Nozarashi Satoru] The Dirty Randori She Brought On Herself Ch.1

We’re bringing you a story I translated for Raikoh… actually quite a long time ago, haha! Where to begin, damn. Art is really awesome and the story had a good spin-off, but some of you may find it rage-worthy. The girl’s kinda abusive bitch, but she has skills. I wouldn’t bother if those guys had balls, but in this situation, I actually raged.