[Noise] Short Pants ni Kigaeyou


Don’t you agree she looks cute?
And she has a style!! Mmm, them sweatpants~
With a little delay caused by some network outage, we’re sharing with you yet another Noise oneshot we did. Dunno about you, but I can relate to some of the protag’s points (like the shorts + stockings, hell, anything with stockings is better).
A little note, for people interested in what we have yet to release – We’re going to work, or are pretty much done with most of Itou Ei’s stories from his newest tank (but from less censored magazine scans). As far as I know, based on my mails, only first and last story are not included in our plans.
Chapter courtesy of Flammz.

[Noise] Tadashi Nijigen ni Kagiru Ch.12 [END]


Those freckles~
Chapter courtesy of Job Truniht.

And another book completed!! That was a pleasant trip into Noise’s world, but it’s finished now. I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks to donors – Job Truniht, PrezBOTW, Zathael and to proofreader Afro Thunda. Thank you for your comments as well!

[Noise] Tadashi Nijigen ni Kagiru Ch.9


Tonight’s share is first chapter of an arc featured in 2D Complex book. We’re starting off with a little rough girl. She’s funny, proactive and familiar. I hope you’ll like it.
Chapter courtesy of Job Truniht.
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PS: I’m going abroad in 2 days, so there may not be new release. While I’ll try to do as much work as possible, I will probably be less around for ~3weeks. That said, I love you guys so much, that I’ll be doing all I can to translate everything I have planned. On another note – no queue update as I’m still waiting for some checks and I will be trying to include as many of those as possible.

[Noise] Tadashi Nijigen ni Kagiru Ch.8


Tonight’s treat is yet another chapter of 2d complex. This is the last one-shot story in the book. A story about a girl, her boyfriend and her brother. Nothing like a lovers’ quarrel to spice up your day. I hope you will like it.
Chapter courtesy of Zathael.
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Look what I found lately – an awesome artbook by the guy who did delicious graphics for hentai like Taimanin Asagi or Kangoku Senkan. Gorgeous 90-few pages of color pics revolving around hardcore smexing artist is famous for thanks to the titles mentioned above. Definitely a good position for your, or your friend’s collection, don’t you agree?

[Noise] Tadashi Nijigen ni Kagiru Ch.5


You heard her.
Another chapter from 2D complex book. I hope you will enjoy this cute story about gloomy loli.
Chapter courtesy of PrezBOTW.
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You can expect some Murian in a matter of days, later yuri school. You can expect one or two surprising releases not long after current queue runs out.