[Nendo.] Shoujo Kousai Ch.3


I wish I was welcomed home like that too.
Another chapter from loli daters from your favorite artist~ It’s pretty rare, iirc, fare from Nendo featuring a douchebag guy, but the art should make up for it.
Chapter courtesy of Zathael.
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I wonder if you’re a fan of Yami, like me. If you are, this is a fig JUST for you. Do I even have to explain what’s so great about it? That black bikini figure is just amazing~

[Nendo.] Shoujo Kousai Ch.1


Dunno about you, but I’m sold already.
With a bit of delay – here’s first chapter from newest book by Nendo. I hope you will enjoy it at least as much as previous ones.
Chapter courtesy of Zathael.
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[Nendo.] Maid Graffiti Ch.10 [END]


Another cutie from Nendo.
Chapter courtesy of Doom_Guard.

As I promised, we’re sharing another completed book. This time, Nendo made a sequel for one of his stories from Megane de H de Konamaiki that we finished some time ago. I hope you’re happy to see it.
My thanks to all commissioners – Doom_Guard, Jaylou1010, Job Truniht, Shmookle and Zathael and to Afro Thunda for proofreading. Thanks for all your comments.
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