[Namonashi] Maken no Kishi Ch.4

A new challenger appeared. And it’s a… Dwarf who suspiciously strongly resembles a kitsune… If you’re familiar with the story, you don’t need introduction, if not, I suggest you look for previous chapters. Generally, we have a human princess and a dark elf princess fight against monsters with help of a magic sword, whose fuel is… female sex juices.

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[Namonashi] Ken yori Tsuyoshi Ch.9 [END]


Yup – you see it right, it’s the only chapter in whole book with a real loli.
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And we’re done with another book.
It’s been a while, but here it is – completely translated Mightier that the Sword book for your pleasure. As always, we went back and made some corrections, I also paid attention to join all the split pages (I hope I caught them all). The last chapter is kinda different from the rest of the book, but it’s a nice topping on a delicious cake, I suppose. Enjoy your reading.
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[Namonashi] Ken yori Tsuyoshi Ch.8

It’s been a while since we shared last chapter of the Sword book, so here it is. Enjoy your yuri-ish love of two occultists (you can guess what’s imminent).
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[Namonashi] Ken yori Tsuyoshi Ch.7

Aren’t they awesome?

That look… you know she’s up to no good now 😉
And we’re here with next sword book and second chapter about Nagihara and two awesome girls. Get ready for some hawt swimsuits, guys.
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[Namonashi] Ken yori Tsuyoshi Ch.6

Nice meganekko, isn’t she?

Those paparazzi… they’re everywhere, even in my manga :C
And we’re bringing you another chapter of Namonashi, this time a little tentacles and uh-oh, it’s only first part. Whatever I’d like to say about this chapter would turn out as a spoiler, so, erm… just Enjoy!
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[Namonashi] Ken yori Tsuyoshi Ch.5

You heard the lady.

Does it look familiar? 😛
We have another chapter from Swordplaying book for you. This time, a oneshot with a hot nun for your pleasures… I think I should repent and go to church, if you know what I mean 😉
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[Namonashi] Ken yori Tsuyoshi Ch.4

Believe me, I didn’t really change her style here 😉

We all know what’s gonna happen next, don’t we?
Another chapter from Mightier than Sword for you, this time a pretty funny oneshot. And it contains pantyhose, so it’s a win-win chapter. Remember not to mess with a tempered girl, EVER. Unless you have balls of steel… Oh wait…
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[Namonashi] Ken yori Tsuyoshi Ch.3

I bet you just started downloading it for this goddess in school swimsuit.

He’s got THE MOVES.
Another chapter of Mightier thatn the Sword for you, this time full of Natsu in swimsuit. It’s so much HNNNGH, it’s almost unbearable. Sadly, this is last chapter from this arc, but I can assure you that following chapters are at least as funny as this one. Well then, enjoy.
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